William Watkins

Radnor Hills

There's water in them there hills!

About William Watkins

When William Watkins returned to the family farm in Wales in 1988 after reading Agricultural and Food Marketing at Newcastle University he realised that his father was doing a perfectly fine job farming and that he was slightly surplus to requirement.

After a year of farming he was awarded a farm diversification grant and that allowed him to buy a small machine that produced cuplets of water for the airline industry. He bought the machine, packed some boxes, said goodbye to his Mum and Dad and set off to Heathrow airport to sell them, and with that the Radnor Hills story began.

During my 30 minutes I will tell my story of how we turned a traditional farming business producing sheep, cattle, and cereals into one producing water, tonics and juices.

I want to mention some of the greatest challenges and ups and downs of that journey, creating a manufacturing business in a very rural setting

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