Tony Sygrove

Executive Director  -  iCombat UK Limited

The advantages of Joint Ventures for Small Businesses

About Tony Sygrove

Tony Sygrove is the Executive Director of iCombat UK Limited. Having worked in the Communications and Information Technology, and Security industry for many years as a Senior Manager, Director and Senior IT Management Consultant both in the UK and Middle East on Multi-Billion Dollar Joint Venture contracts in the Oil and Chemical industry as well as being part of the IT Construction Management Team for the World largest container Port in the UAE. Tony now works together with his son in the family business providing laser Zombie and Gaming events at several locations in the UK. These events are only able to take place due to the cooperation between the site owners and iCombat UK working together in a Joint Venture, and ensuring that the Joint Venture contract is both flexible and profitable to both parties.

This seminar aims to put forward the advantages of Joint Ventures when starting a business where capital spend is an issue in finding the right site for your business.

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