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Planning Rules & Tactics

About Tony Kernon

Tony Kernon BSc(Hons), MRICS, FBIAC is a Chartered Surveyor and a Fellow of the British Institute of Agricultural Consultants. He has specialised in rural planning matters and the development of agricultural and equestrian businesses, since 1987.

Tony acts nationwide, covering England and Wales, and for both local planning authorities and applicants alike. He has advised on, and assessed, pretty well every type of agricultural and equestrian enterprise imaginable.

Part of his specialism is in farm diversification and building re-use. He has made planning applications for many types of building conversions and has been actively involved in pursuing applications for residential use under the new permitted development rights notification procedure, as well as by planning application.

Tony provides training sessions for some local planning authorities and has been a witness at over 250 appeals (Hearings and Inquiries).

Farm Development and Diversification: planning rules and tactics.

When wishing to develop or diversify, the planning system must be taken on! Is it easy or hard? What can you do? How should you approach it? Need it be expensive or slow?

Tony Kernon will provide a synopsis of the rules of the planning system and the rules as they apply to farms, including commercial and residential conversions, farm dwellings, stables and farm diversification.

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