Tim Rees

Quality Unearthed

Successfully letting your accommodation; How to choose help.

About Tim Rees

Tim Rees is the managing director of Quality Villas, Quality Cottages and Quality Unearthed, three self-catering agencies representing nearly 1000 properties at the quality end of accommodation in Wales, England, France Italy and Morocco.
With focus on e-commerce Tim takes an overview of the current market and its likely movements in the medium term.
Tim has a personal interest in sustainability and consciousness.
Random fact - Tim was a fire performer for many years and Indian down- hill snowboarding champion. He also runs a small festival.

We will briefly look at the pre-requisites to getting your accommodation ready for the public and take an over view of some of the key ways to help market your property. Attention will be paid to Self marketing, using third party websites and full agency support.

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