Thomas Bourne

Well Hung Meat Company

What makes Meat Like No Other?

About Thomas Bourne

After seven years as a commercial lawyer, Thomas Bourne saw the light and joined the world of farming and farm diversification. He spent two years as Managing Director of the Well Hung Meat Company, building it up from its base as a small meatbox home delivery service (direct to consumer) to a larger and more resilient meat processing business.

Tom continues to work with Well Hung Meat, and also consults on business development for Holy Cow (organic dairy brand) as well as a large organic dairy farming group which produces 10 million litres/year from its five west country herds.
With a masters level qualification in the Circular Economy (sustainable business models), Tom is all about adding value to the business he works with that delivers across the triple bottom line of people, planet and profit. Tom is also passionate about supporting the best of British farming, particularly organic farming, and leveraging the stories of our farmers to build and develop exciting and innovative brands that respond to the needs of the market.

Building a sustainable business in a very competitive and fragmented marketplace can be difficult, particularly in a highly regulated sector in which your competitors are bigger, bolder and have deeper pockets. But this is the reality for many passionate small-scale artisan food and drink producers. In this seminar, Thomas Bourne who is leading the Well Hung Meat Company out of the doldrums and into new channels, outlines his experience of swimming against the tide and shares some insight into what’s required to create a resilient farm diversification business against the odds.

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