Stuart Retson

Vending by JSR

How vending can work for your farm produce

About Stuart Retson

After spending 16 years in the motor trade with Mercedes Benz Stuart came home to work in the family farming business. JSR Services has a pullet rearing and egg production business and also has a supply and delivery company supplying sudrie sales to all farming in Scotland, Stuart’s father John had the idea of selling eggs in a vending machine and they found this unique machine made in Germany. After the success of their own machine JSR Services took on the UK distributorship of the Roesler fresh food vending machine. Calling this arm of the business Vending by JSR Stuart is now tasked with selling these machines throughout the uk, not just for farm produce but to campsites, filling stations and beyond.

Stuart will talk on the benefits and success of vending and how a new style of vending machine can work for your Farm produce. Whether it be eggs, vegetables, meats or cheeses, whatever your farm produces this new concept can sell direct to the public 24 hrs a day maximising profit with very little overheads.

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