Roger Boddy

Global Teleports Group

Satellite – the unseen solution for Rural Fast & Superfast broadband

About Roger Boddy

Roger Boddy is a Fellow of the institution of Engineering and Technology (FIET) and founder of Global Teleports – the home of VipNet Global Broadband service. Widely regarded as an expert in satellite communications Roger has held key decision making roles in both the public and private sectors of the telecommunications industry. After a three-year apprenticeship, Roger was appointed as an instructor at the Leafield Training school – then the only school addressing satellite systems training before promotion into satellite systems management from which he was headhunted to represent the UK Foreign and Commonwealth territories in the planning committee of INTELSAT - pioneering digital satellite operations. Roger set up Global Teleports from scratch as an independent service provider and telecommunications consultant in 1998. Global Teleports now wholly owns managed hubs in UK, USA and Australia offering global coverage, traditional satellite services and regional Broadband coverage using state of the art satellite technology.

The UK is a de-regulated telecoms marketplace, yet terrestrial delivery is monopolised and the Government’s target to get superfast broadband to 95% of the population is baulked by the high cost of delivering fibre to the home.

Government figures for End 2015 Broadband coverage of the UK include service by wire, fibre and WiFi focussing on serving the Urban sprawl yet still with many not spots. They do not include coverage by satellite which is already at 100% UK coverage and can be delivered without fuss, wayleave or digging up the highways and byways It is also affordable with prices starting below the cost of a telephone line – (without the need for a telephone line!).

Satellite technology has improved over recent years to the point where it is most cost effective, most available and is truly the unseen solution for Rural Fast & Superfast broadband.

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