Michael Mack


Start Up A Farm Retail Business

About Michael Mack

Michael is an Associate of Savills UK specialising in diversification, farm retail and succession planning.

In this role he acts as the Managing Agent for FARMA where he provides both macro and micro economic support to the farm retailing sector. Since taking over this management role in 2014 Michael has instigated a raft of new initiatives such as shop benchmarking and retailing workshops.

Following a honour degree in Agricultural Economics he has gained experience over 13 years in farm diversification and studying the next generation of farmers through a Nuffield Scholarship, running multiple LEADER funding programmes and administrating RES grants for DEFRA.

Avoiding the Common Pitfalls when Starting up a Farm Retail Business.

When starting a new farm diversification business such as a farm shop or selling at a Farmers` Market there are a number of common pitfalls which can make or break the business.

This workshop will export these pitfalls, providing the attendees with practical ways of avoiding them. The session will include practical real-life case studies to bring these issues to life.

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