Liz Bowles

Head of Farming  -  Soil Association

Opportunities to farm sustainably and profitably through following organic principles

About Liz Bowles

Liz is Head of Farming at the Soil Association. Liz has a wealth of experience of agriculture both in the UK and internationally. She has worked in the sector for over 20 years and has a practical approach combined with scientific and sector knowledge.

She is a Nuffield scholar. Her research explored co operation in the red meat sector and was a precursor to her joining EFFP where she worked on developing supply chain collaboration in England in all UK agricultural sectors. In this role she has also formed a number of producer Co-operatives and supported many Producer Organisations in the Fresh Produce Sector.

Liz has worked within the agri-food sector for over twenty years developing and running strategic industry projects.

In her spare time Liz manages one of the largest pedigree flocks of Shropshire sheep in the UK and combines this with being the President of the Breed Society.

Description of the growing organic marketplace in the UK and worldwide leading to a requirement for an increasing area of organic land in the UK. Information on the mounting evidence that organic food is healthier with reference to recent meta studies.

An outline of the process of organic conversion for all farm types. Presentation of comparative financial data on organic and non – organic farm t performance over the past seven years.

Information on how following organic principles works out in practice and is being seen increasingly as capable of feeding the world in the future.

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