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So You Want To Run An Event

About Linda Krawecke

Linda Krawecke, owner/ manager of Tiger Tea has been involved with events for 22 years, starting with the management of indoor conferences then moving to the wide world of outdoor events where she predominantly looks after Safety Management. This includes risk assessing, emergency planning and compliance with the council’s licensing terms. She has worked on events as diverse as music festivals, historic re-enactments, arts festivals, garden shows, fun fairs, mud runs and so many others. She has assisted several councils and groups by offering training days and guidance documents for would-be event organisers, so is aware of the kinds of advise to offer those wishing to start events of their own. And in helping clients look for locations to hold their outdoor event, she understands what others want from an outdoor site. She has survived muddy fields, scorching heat, pounding rain and blistered feet but still loves to work outdoors.

For those who want to diversify the use of their land, playing host to an event or organising an event of your own is always an option. From food festivals to music festival, craft fairs, country shows, historic events – all present an opportunity for the public to get out and do something over a weekend and an opportunity for you to earn money. But where do you start! What permissions do you need? How do you let people know that you are available as a venue? And if you want to do-it-yourself, how do you organise your event? Come along for a taster on what you need to know to get yourself started.

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