Kate Morel

Quality Unearthed

Glamping Business Models - Which one might suit you?

About Kate Morel

Working with Quality Unearthed, Kate is affectionately known as their ''Glamping Guru'', and spends most of her time providing advice to existing holiday / glamping accommodation owners, estate, land and property owners. This, along with previous experience in sales & marketing, property restoration, design and hospitality gives her a well-rounded perspective on establishing and running a sucessful glamping business.

As one of the few individuals whose work involves every aspect of the UK glamping sector - structure manufacturers, land owners, glamping owners, pricing, occupancy rates and guest feedback - she has a unique, hands-on knowledge of the industry as a whole. Due to international enquiries she is also currently advising several overseas land owners and Governments on diversifying into glamping. This breadth of knowledge is fortified by a genuine enthusiasm for the glamping lifestyle, an intuitive flair for U.S.P.''s and pragmatic approach.

Kate is keen to see the UK glamping sector compete successfully in the international marketplace, and as such wants to impartially share her knowledge and experience - broadened earlier this year by a trip to Western Australia and its developing glamping sector.

Several glamping business models have developed worldwide over the last few years to provide a variety of experiences for guests. This seminar provides an overview of some of these options, from a simple, single unit right through to resort development, outlining what each one offers to the guests and requires from you. Kate is keen for this to be an interactive seminar with discussions about which business model might suit you and your existing or proposed land or business. Audience participation required - bring your imagination, questions and plans!

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