Jason Hawkins-Row

Aponic Ltd

The Importance of Vertical Farming for Commercial, Urban and Rural Businesses

About Jason Hawkins-Row

Jason Hawkins-Row started as an aviation design engineer, became a computer programmer and has started rainwater recycling and green businesses all over the world. One night, back in England, his allotment was burgled and everything went. In a quest for food security he designed and developed the Aponic Vertical Soilless Growing System.

It was vertical to save space, soilless so that it was light enough to hang on a fence at home and it took water from a fish pond to use as nutrient. This eliminated digging or weeding, and, using an aeroponic technique, it saved 90% of the water used traditionally yet grew 30% faster and gave 30% more yield.

The patented Aponic design has now won many awards and was chosen as one of the businesses to represent the UK at the World Expo 2015 and is now being used by diversifying farmers and commercial growers all over the world.

An introduction to vertical farming and a discussion about sustainable businesses for diversifying farmers and commercial growers.

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