Ian Phillips

Vineyard Solutions -VSL (Viticulture) Ltd

Planning a new vineyard establishment

About Ian Phillips

After 30yrs working in horticulture and horticultural engineering Ian Phillips established Galleywood Vineyard in 2009: a 19-acre vineyard in Essex.
Ian also runs Vineyard solutions (VSL Viticulture Ltd), which specialises in complete UK vineyard establishment. Ian and his team have planted vineyards throughout England and Wales both large and small.

Ian is currently involved in completing a 50,000 litre winery at Galleywood vineyard which will also encompass a function and corporate events venue.

To prepare for a new vineyard can be a daunting task. This seminar will give a brief overview of key strategic planning, research and essential preparations required for a successful vineyard establishment and future business. “so often it’s the simple things that are overlooked that then come back to bite you”

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