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Ground & Air Source Heat Pumps

About Guy Ransom

Guy Ransom is the Commercial Director of Finn Geotherm, experts in the design and installation of ground and air source heat pump systems for commercial and domestic projects. Finn Geotherm have been finalists in the national Energy Efficiency & Renewables Awards for the past 3 years, and are this year shortlisted for the national Commercial Installer of the Year award.

Over the past 6 years Guy has guided Finn Geotherm through an average annual growth of more than 40% with installations in schools, glass houses, offices, stately homes and domestic residences of every age and size.

Prior to taking the reins of Finn Geotherm in 2009, Guy spent 20 years in the asset finance industry with institutions such as Citigroup and ING Bank. He has a degree in economics from Manchester University and currently lives in East Anglia with his wife and 2 children.

Ground & Air Source Heat Pumps - Fact & Fiction

There are many misnomers that surround ground & air source heat pumps which can lead to superb potential applications of the technology being overlooked. This seminar will separate fact from fiction by dispelling the myths and tales surrounding the use of this technology for domestic or commercial use.

Topics being considered will include new builds, winter efficiency, under-floor heating, supplementary heating, installation costs and comparison with other renewable energy systems.

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