Francesca Booth

Dandylion Teas (part of Dandylion Group Ltd)

The Dandylion Tea Brand; No Half Measures.

About Francesca Booth

Francesca Booth, an irrepressible New Yorker (who has a bit of Italian heritage thrown into the mix for extra pizzazz) and trained patisserie chef. One day, Francesca was hit with this thought:

Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a range of tea designed to pair with pastries, desserts and savoury courses – in the same way you’d pair a beautiful wine with each course?

Not one to ever let a good idea slide, Francesca’s inherent love of good food and drink, combined with her outright determination, lead to the creation of Dandylion.

The Dandylion brand stands for quality, heritage and family. Our aim is to create products that become firm household favourites, and can be enjoyed during lazy, luxurious get-togethers or as an everyday indulgence.

The inception and making of Dandylion Teas; Our Story from the beginning.

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