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Commercial Potential of Ostrich

About Fiona Benson

Became interested in the ostrich industry to market ostrich products in 1994 and quickly recognised that supply was the limiting factor to developing the markets requiring a reliable and sustainable supply chain.

Hearing all the problems relating to production at farm level started to farm ostriches in 1995 on a small scale to gain a better understanding of where the problems lay. Proved the commercial potential when production nutrition and management systems were in place to support commercial production.

The leaders in the South African industry lacked the will to produce ostrich on an industrial scale for meat production as their key focus is leather supply to an exclusive market. With this attitude could see no future remaining in South Africa and returned to Europe to work more closely with Stan Stewart to support development of high production projects.

Over the years have written many articles and papers covering personal experiences and observations. Apart from co-authoring “Understanding Production Ostrich Nutrition”, Fiona has produced the Ostrich Chapter for the “John Nix Farm Management Pocket Book” since 2009 and the Ostrich Chapter in the 2011 edition of the “UFAW Farm Handbook”. Founder member/director of the World Ostrich Association.

The objective of this seminar is to provide a little history of the industry and the potential of ostrich to provide a great tasting quality red meat on a commercial scale utilising ethical management systems.

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