David W Hollands

Above & Beyond Normal

PURPOSE -PROSPERITY - PERPETUITY . Rural regeneration creating economic communities you own

About David W Hollands

After 15 years in the world of franchising, creating new businesses from nothing, a chance meeting led to a successful pastime of the past 16 years in the word of rural regeneration. No recognised qualifications in the development industry David has achieved numerous international awards for his work including World Health Organisation recognition for the development off economically sustainable rural communities.

Creating, Designing, Planning, developing and commercially operating a rural project seems to come naturally, whilst all around is stressing over the issues, David cuts to the chase in all aspects and delivers your project ready to set its rightful place in the future. Purpose - Prosperity - Perpetuity and NOT Vague ideas - greedy profits - short term gain make for a refreshing way of enjoying business in the future. Partnerships, collaboration and a decent smattering of philanthropy make for an exciting business mix resulting in a satisfying future for your rural community.

A short story of how you take a small area of scrub land to become a pioneering 5 star international resort. How education and health is the key to rural prosperity in the future and how you can create a lasting legacy. Your land … Your business… Your future.

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