David Coley

T.H.E Plastic Piling Company

Applications of synthetic sheet pile and king pile systems

About David Coley

This seminar will be presented by David Coley, Managing Director of THE Plastic Piling Company. With over 20 years of experience in piling equipment and plastic sheet piling, David is a leading authority on plastic sheet piling, its use and most importantly means of installation.

He is a long serving member of the Construction Plant Hire Association’s special interest group STIG, that focuses upon piling equipment and mechanical plant within the context of shoring applications. Over the years David has been involved in the writing of several technical and safety related publications, carbon studies and design reviews.

He has a strong interest in research and development of new products, being a recipient of SMART, Montage, Pristine funding to name a few.

Sheet piling is an established technique used for retaining soil, excluding water, or as an erosion or scour screen. The introduction of plastic sheet piling has greatly extended the potential of the technique; enabling it to be used in remote, restricted access and harsh environments. This seminar will briefly discuss what is available and how you can benefit from the wide range of products available.

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