Dan Collins

Country Cabins

Lessons from a Failed Planning Permission Application

About Dan Collins

Dan Collins left the family farm to become an engineer and entrepreneur. Returning 20 years later to instigate the development of redundant land. Despite some successes, his most ambitious project failed. He has promised to candidly share his story and how he successfully applied what he learned to subsequent planning applications.

If you have the land and the idea, often the greatest challenge is getting the planning permission.
We thought we had the neighbours on side, our design ticked all the right environmental boxes and we’d spent a tens of thousands in consultants’ fees. Even the planning officer said it should go through.
It didn’t, we resubmitted and even appealed. We learnt many lessons.
By learning from our failure and applying this knowledge to the next project we succeeded first time with considerably less cost, despite the presence of bats in a listed building! It also led to the creation of Country Cabins, glamping units that planners, land owners and tourists seem to love.
Hear our story and ask us any questions at what promises to be a lively and interactive seminar.

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