Chris Makin

Pear Technology Services

Successful Diversification – A Journey

About Chris Makin

Chris Makin heads up Pear Technology, a company that has been supporting the Farms and Estates of the United Kingdom with mapping tools and services for the past 20 years. Chris and his colleagues strive to make the use of modern technology simple and affordable to support those who manage rural land. The need to explore the various options for land use, now available to landowners, has prompted Pear Technology to tailor some of the latest developments in technology to assist in this task.

Based upon a real life example of diversification, Chris will highlight the various techniques that are available to help the landowner identify the potential of their asset.

Knowing where to start on the diversification journey can be daunting. The content of the seminar will highlight the tools and services that are available to help with the process. Reference will be made to the journey that one landowner embarked upon to convert an area of boggy woodland into a thriving wedding venue.

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