Charlotte Johnston

Red Tractor

Making Farm Assurance Work For You

About Charlotte Johnston

Charlotte is Member Scheme Manager for Red Tractor Assurance.

From a farming background, she works with and supports Red Tractor members and stakeholders to ensure they are up to date on technical standards, encourages them to get involved in promoting Red Tractor to shoppers and keeps them up to date on all marketing activities. She works closely with stakeholders on collaborative projects and with the farming press.

Farm assurance provides shoppers with a guarantee that the products they are purchasing and eating have been produced to high standards, protecting not only their health but also the environment and animal welfare.

This presentation will cover the practical application of assurance on farm, detailing common non-conformances and how to avoid them, an explanation on how standards are reviewed and who is involved in that process, how producers can get involved in promoting Red Tractor to consumers and an overview of our marketing activity with retailers.

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