Barbara Hollyhead

Managing Director  -  Agave Blue Tourism

Is your DIY Marketing Really Helping Your Business?

About Barbara Hollyhead

Barbara Hollyhead is a Chartered Marketer, founding owner/operator of Agave Blue Tourism and speaker of 6 languages. With more than 20 years marketing & business management experience in the UK and internationally, Barbara is an expert in brand and retail marketing in agritourism, travel retail, spirits & wine and food & drink retail sectors.

Barbara launched Agave Blue Tourism in January 2016 as the natural tourism marketing spin off from Agave Blue Marketing which she set up in 2012. She has now brought both companies under the banner of the Agave Blue International group of companies.

Since founding the company, Barbara has worked with several independent tourism outlets, particularly farms, wineries and distilleries to help them develop their businesses so that they are sustainable and profitable into the future and to provide all aspects of marketing consultancy and/or hands on support as needed.

When time is short and budgets are limited, it can seem like a great idea to handle all the marketing for your business in-house.

Yet, unless you have a trained and experienced team on site with plenty of time on their hands, you are highly likely to be spending more money and more time than you need to get stuff done - and you’re still not getting the results you want or expected. What’s more, it seems like every day, people are knocking on your door trying to sell you the next big marketing miracle, sucking up more of the time you don’t have and budget you don’t need to spend on activities that are not always the best fit for your brand, your business nor your customers.

Come hear Chartered Marketer, Barbara Hollyhead, share advice and tips on how to get the balance right so that your business is as self-sufficient as practicable in its marketing.

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