Antonio Paladino

Owner & founder  -  Bio Aqua Farm

Aquaponics: The future of farming

About Antonio Paladino

Antonio Paladino co-founder of Bio aqua farm and is the brains behind the system, he runs regular courses at the farm and consults in Aquaponics.
Antonio comes from a farming and lake fishing region in the North of Italy where he trained as a chef to then build a career in London where he worked in five star hotels and fine dining restaurants to private event catering, including members the Royal family and top celebrities.

Sixteen years later his mission for fresher high quality ingredients sustainably farmed drove him to build the biggest Aquaponic Trout farm in Europe to date. Creating a unique business model that includes selling the freshest local veg and gourmet food to education and consultancy on how to build and manage your own aquaponic farm. Since then he has gained attention globally and from media including the BBC.

Bio aqua farm is the first Commercial Aquaponic farm in the UK growing fruit, vegetables and rearing Rainbow Trout in the most sustainable and innovative way in their bio-symbiotic system.

Antonio Paladino co-founder and creator of their unique hybrid system will explore how aquaponics works and the benefits of this application. Come and find out why it plays a part in the future of farming.

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