Andrew Shirley

Chief Surveyor  -  CLA

What you need to consider when planning a diversification project

About Andrew Shirley

Andrew Shirley is a chartered surveyor and landowner. He practised in Herefordshire, Essex and the Midlands before joining the CLA 20 years ago. Over this time he has been Regional Surveyor, Arable Adviser and National Access Adviser before taking up the post as Chief Surveyor with the CLA in London.

As Chief Surveyor he is responsible for both policy and advisory issues relating to surveying, but in particular compulsory purchase, valuation, utilities, minerals, business rates, council tax and agricultural tenancies. He is secretary to the CLA’s Institutional Landowners Group and the CLA’s Minerals Working Group. He is also team leader of the CLA Property and Business Team which covers business and economics, planning, housing, heritage and renewable energy.

This is a short introductory talk for those who are considering setting up a diversified business and is aimed to help with preparation and planning of a new enterprise, ensuring nothing is missed so the new business is best placed to establish itself and grow.

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