John Golton-Davis

Food Solutions

The position of UK micro food businesses post Brexit

About John Golton-Davis

With his wife John ran a successful delicatessen in Dorset specialising in local products and farm produced cheeses. He later became a senior manager with a small business support group. This organisation provided a voice for small businesses to officials and successfully influence laws and regulations on many occasions. This experience means that John understands the practical worries SMEs face, recognising what matters to them.

Over 90% of food law emanates from Europe. For the past 12 years as a director of Food Solutions he has had direct input to the decision making process though the UEAPME Food Forum. This group is effective and regularly influences new food regulations. This is because it is recognised by the European Commission as representing the interests of food SMEs across all Member States.

The Food Standards Agency is currently reviewing the future of food regulations in the UK through its initiative ‘Regulating our Future’. John is a member of the Industry Expert Advisory Panel, as such brings to the discussions the views of the UK micro food businesses.

John’s experience both in the EU and UK is going to be invaluable as we move into the post-Brexit era.

With the Brexit negotiations now underway we are entering a period of uncertainty. The Food Standards Agency (FSA) have stated that on the day that the UK leaves the EU all existing food regulation will be transferred into UK law. The question is what will happen after that?

Firstly it is likely that existing regulations will be reviewed and amended. Secondly new regulations will be written in the UK.

A concern is that consultations will be dominated by multi-million pound companies and vested interest groups. The result could be poorly thought through regulations, because the concerns of the majority will not have be taken into account.

Micro food businesses in the UK tend not belong to associations. To ensure that their concerns are heard ahead of any changes we have to engage them. Food Solutions’ experience in the EU will be invaluable in leading this.

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