Confirmed Speakers At The Rural Entrepreneur Show

  • Michael Eavis

    Worthy Farm & Glastonbury Festival

    The farm and the festival - how they work together

  • Doug Gurr


    Unlocking rural UK’s digital potential. It’s still Day One.

  • David Hawke

    Alnwick Castle

    Building Sustainable Growth in Heritage Attractions

  • Colin Evans

    National Farm Attractions Network (NFAN)

    Top tips for running a successful farm attraction’

  • Paul Williamson and Chris Nichols

    Hillside Brewery and GameShift

    Brewing up a difference – the Hillside inspiration

  • Iain Beaumont

    Powderham Castle

    Running festivals and live music events on your land

  • Steve Hooper

    Site Geek

    Laser targeting your marketing to attract more bookings

  • Beth Cooper

    Timber Play

    Using Play effectively to enhance your visitor experience

  • Tullis Matson

    Stallion AI Services / RBST Trustee

    The Past Present and Future of Equine Breeding

  • Mike Chilman

    MC Fire Protection

    Fire Safety Guidance and Requirements

  • Liz Tucker

    selectfood llp

    food labelling and health claims – make the most of your nutritional merits

  • Anthony Davison

    BigBarn CIC

    The Brexit opportunities for farmers to supply food to local customers

  • Tom Dixon

    Canopy & Stars

    Glamping Panel Discussion

  • Jo Smedley

    Red Herring Games LTD

    How to get your customers to do your marketing.

  • Louisa Stewart

    Blue Ninja Business Support

    The future of administration support is virtual

  • Barry Davies


    Change of Use Farm to Leisure Attraction – Planning Permission and Rates – Avoid the Pitfalls!

  • Emma Collison

    Moor View Alpacas

    Diversifying in farming, finding your USP and how to get your product out there.

  • Keith Spilsbury


    Wool – The Natural Choice For Insulated Packaging

  • Hayley Harthern

    The Tipi Company / Big Chief Tipis

    Wedding Panel Live Debate

  • Philip Gibson


    How effective branding, marketing and communications will deliver results

  • Nigel Padbury

    Premium Crops Ltd

    Target the market with added value arable crops

  • Barry Davies


    Farm Buildings Change of Use to Residential – Permitted Development – Brownfield Sites and more…

  • Mark Antonelli

    Antonelli Bros

    Ice Cream for Farm Business Sustainability

  • Kelly Chandler

    Kelly Chandler Consulting

    Adding an income-stream from hosting weddings

  • Jeannie Tomlin, Rachel Godwin and Lisa Hodgson

    Alternative Meats Ltd and Otterburn Mangalitza

    Women Are Raising The Steaks !!

  • Ian Emberton

    Xerogrid LTD

    Energy Freedom with off-grid Power; solar is now viable!

  • John Golton-Davis

    Food Solutions

    The position of UK micro food businesses post Brexit

  • Harry Legge-Bourke

    Glanusk Estate

    Country Estates & Large Farms, Mill Stones or Cash Cows in the 21st Century?

  • Keith Wellings

    Rural Payments Agency

    Basic Payment Scheme - The past, present & future

  • Joe Towers

    Lune Valley Diary

    Our journey developing ‘barista milk’ in response to tough times

  • John and Felicity Richards

    The Green Waste Company

    Diversification: open mind to new avenues of business.

  • Ben Leeke

    Capability Events Ltd

    Is a Festival a good idea on your farm?

  • Tim Field


    The Agricology project: Practical Sustainable Farming, regardless of labels

  • Thomas Bourne

    Well Hung Meat Company

    What makes Meat Like No Other?

  • Antonio Paladino

    Bio Aqua Farm

    Aquaponics: The future of farming

  • Charlotte Johnston

    Red Tractor

    Making Farm Assurance Work For You

  • Abbey Oladapo

    Google Digital Garage

    UpSkill Digital - Reach New Customers Online

  • Michael Mack


    Start Up A Farm Retail Business

  • Jonathon Jones


    Selling tea to China and other British Country House Innovations

  • Andy Jeffery

    Farrington’s Farm Shop

    Careful Costings – a salutary lesson!

  • Ian Phillips

    Vineyard Solutions -VSL (Viticulture) Ltd

    Planning a new vineyard establishment

  • William Watkins

    Radnor Hills

    There's water in them there hills!

  • Alison Rickett

    Fresh Start Land Enterprise Centre CIC

    Using land to unlock business innovation

  • Ian Warby

    Firecrest Mountain Biking

    Introducing the opportunities to diversify and develop Mountain Biking within the mix of activities offered.

  • Liz Tucker

    Selectfood LLP

    Registered Nutritionist and Food Industry Consultant

  • Isabel Smith

    Wedding Consulting

    Making money from weddings

  • Edwina Mullins


    LIVE DEBATE - Social Media within Farming

  • Annabel Shackleton

    LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming)

    Engaging people in sustainable farming: Open Farm Sunday and more!

  • Marie Stacey

    Pegasus Group

    Planning and diversification – understanding the planning system

  • Tom Dixon

    Canopy & Stars

    PANEL DISCUSSION - Bespoke, creative and niche: creating a special glamping guest experience

  • Robin Millard

    Timeless Timber

    Maximise Profit from Your Land with Glamping

  • Dan Collins

    Country Cabins

    Lessons from a Failed Planning Permission Application

  • Gary Richardson

    Access to Farms

    Open Your Farm to Visitors

  • Ean Parsons

    Parsons Containers Ltd.

    Using Shipping Containers to Innovate

  • Mark Scott

    Clear Sky Safari Tents

    Insider Info on Getting into Glamping

  • Simon Foster


    Beyond the Country House – opportunities outside the main house?

  • Harry Mitchell

    Anglia Farmers Ltd

    How to market your business to your target customers

  • Tim Rees

    Quality Unearthed

    Successfully letting your accommodation; How to choose help.

  • Damien Field

    The Camping and Caravanning Club

    Diversify by operating a Certificated Site with The Camping and Caravanning Club

  • Willy Browne-Swinburne

    Rural Solutions

    Ideas - Picking the Right One

  • Daniel Jones, Lucie Stone, Cath Anthony and Louise Newton


    Breathing life and value into rural places and spaces

  • Vincent Johnson

    Johnson Brewing Design

    Beer Making and Equipment in a Farm Environment

  • Tony Sygrove

    iCombat UK Limited

    The advantages of Joint Ventures for Small Businesses

  • Emma Seymour – Sloan and Jo Cox

    Beyond the barn conversion: What guests want from self-catering

  • Chris Surfleet , Guy Marsden, Daniel Jones and Cath Anthony


    How to make Listed/Heritage buildings viable

  • Ben Raskin

    The Soil Association

    Understanding and Exploiting Soil Health for Profitable, Innovative and Resilient Farming

  • Kate Morel

    Quality Unearthed

    Glamping Business Models - Which one might suit you?

  • Margaret Ginman

    Bee Farmers Association

    Pollination – the importance of good relations within the farming community

  • IPO


    Intellectual Property in the UK

  • Doug Jackson


    White Gold’ – opportunities for adding value to milk

  • Peter Newlands


    Blokart land sailing for holiday parks and activity providers

  • Carrie Wood

    CTSI/ Ashfords LLP

    Ashfords and CTSI'S Regulatory Services

  • Karen Tolley

    Warwick Buildings LTD

    Creating New Business Using Timber Buildings

  • Ali Newton

    The Display Centre

    How to Use Psychology & Displays to Sell More 101

  • Keith Spilsbury


    WOOL – The natural choice for insulated packaging

  • Dr Paul Thomas

    Mycorrhizal Systems Ltd

    High value truffles: how to cultivate them on your land

  • Scott Galloway

    Cost2Build UK

    Getting the most out of your project - A guide

  • Nellie Williams

    Nellie Pom Poms

    Live Debate Panelist

  • William Cracroft-Eley


    Maximising Marginal Land with Miscanthus

  • Liz Bowles

    Soil Association

    Opportunities to farm sustainably and profitably through following organic principles

  • Barry Davies


    Farm Buildings Change of Use (Commercial and Leisure) Securing Planning Permission and Minimising Business Rates Paid

  • Barbara Hollyhead

    Agave Blue Tourism

    Is your DIY Marketing Really Helping Your Business?

  • Peter Bell

    Listed Property Owners Club

    Owning a listed building: avoiding the pitfalls

  • Nigel Padbury

    Premium Crops Ltd

    Adding Value to Your Arable Crops

  • Elliot Bilsland

    Welcome Cottages

    Making your holiday home work harder

  • Adam Gough

    Natural Retreats

    Sustainable Diversification into the Luxury Leisure Industry

  • Jerry Marshall

    The Arthur Rank Centre / Germinate Enterprise

    Mind Your Own Business

  • Nick Feeney

    One Night Stand

    From field to yield in year 1

  • Stuart Retson

    Vending by JSR

    How vending can work for your farm produce

  • Tim Cook


    How solar PV systems save farms and rural businesses money on electricity running costs

  • Patrick Hawes

    ARM Limited

    The Green Treatment Solution for Wastewater

  • Jason Hawkins-Row

    Aponic Ltd

    The Importance of Vertical Farming for Commercial, Urban and Rural Businesses

  • Chris Makin

    Pear Technology Services

    Successful Diversification – A Journey

  • Charles Gulland

    Wigwam Holidays

    The Power of Wigwam® for Business Success

  • Francesca Booth

    Dandylion Teas (part of Dandylion Group Ltd)

    The Dandylion Tea Brand; No Half Measures.

  • Jonathan Crickmore

    Fen Farm Dairy

    Milk Vending Machines - make a better profit with farm gate sales

  • Ray Davis

    Pinneys Group

    Seeking planning Permission – promotion or option agreement?

  • Brian Drury

    Lodgikol Ltd

    The new generation of holiday lodges

  • Mark Horler

    Association for Vertical Farming

    Vertical Farming as a sustainable extra farm business revenue stream

  • Anne Clarke

    Connected Thinking

    9th - How to launch a horse business for maximum profit 10th - How to increase profits in your equestrian business

  • Barry Jefferd

    George Hay Partnership LLP

    Tax Traps of Diversification

  • Roger Boddy

    Global Teleports Group

    Satellite – the unseen solution for Rural Fast & Superfast broadband

  • Sarah Wood

    Mulberry Cottages

    How To Build A Successful Holiday Letting Business

  • Mat Castle

    Smart Pension

    Taking the headache out of Auto Enrolment

  • Jason Thawley

    Tree Tents International Ltd

    Sustainable diversification of our woodlands

  • Simon James and Shelley D’Arcy

    Sykes Cottages

    How to maximise your income from holiday letting

  • Tony Kernon

    Kernon Countryside Consultants Ltd

    Planning Rules & Tactics

  • Shirley Bettinson

    British Alpaca Society

    Alpacas - The Story Behind This Global Emerging Industry

  • Guy Ransom

    Finn Geotherm UK Ltd

    Ground & Air Source Heat Pumps

  • Graham Childs

    The Artisan Food Trail

    Small Business Marketing on an Even Smaller Budget

  • Christopher Price


    Brexit: new opportunities for farmers and land managers

  • Andrew Shirley


    What you need to consider when planning a diversification project

  • Tim Slinger

    CLA Insurance

    Ensuring you have the right insurance

  • Fenella Collins


    Rural planning update

  • Christopher Price


    Share farming: an option for enterprising farmers

  • Louise Speke


    Tax implications when considering new business opportunities

  • Charles Trotman


    Rural funding: post Brexit

  • Charles Trotman


    Telecommunications for rural businesses

  • Andrew Gillett


    Drones: hobby, commercial opportunity or nuisance?

  • Andrew Gillett


    Managing public access on your land

  • Stephen Locke

    Stephen Locke Associates

    Extra dwellings on the farm ? – your permitted development rights

  • Colin Evans

    National Farm Attractions Network (NFAN)

    Practical Ways Of Enforcing The Industry Code Of Practice

  • Angela Simkins

    RAU Farm491

    RAU Farm491: Agritech Innovation and Incubation

  • Frances Bibby

    Social Communications

    Live Debate Panelist

  • Edward Busby

    Crown and Canopy

    Live Debate Panelist

  • Edmund Cohen

    Landed Houses

    Letting your house: The reward, the risks and how to start.

  • Fiona Benson

    Ostrich Solutions Ltd

    Commercial Potential of Ostrich

  • David W Hollands

    Above & Beyond Normal

    PURPOSE -PROSPERITY - PERPETUITY . Rural regeneration creating economic communities you own

  • Peter Harker

    Saffery Champness

    Diversification – the tax opportunities and pitfalls

  • Garry Horwell

    Land Innovations

    Live Debate Panelist

  • Martin Jolley-Jarvis


    Live Debate Panelist

  • Linda Krawecke

    Tiger Tea Events

    So You Want To Run An Event

  • Luke Tayler & Annabel Watson

    C Hoare & Co

    Lending Update & Global Portfolios

  • Emma Warren

    Dimpsey Glamping

    LIVE DEBATE - Glamping Panel

  • Sophie Farrah

    Canopy & Stars

    Live Debate Panelist

  • Anthony Davison

    BigBarn CIC

    The Brexit opportunities for farmers to supply food to local customers

  • David Coley

    T.H.E Plastic Piling Company

    Applications of synthetic sheet pile and king pile systems