Blue Ninja Business Support

Blue Ninja Business Support provides administrative support to rural small businesses. Whatever your business requirements, Blue Ninja is here to help.

The business was restructured in 2017 after supporting not-for-profit (third sector) organisations, charities and universities exclusively for 4 years. CEO Louisa Stewart wanted to reconnect with a sector she grew up with.

Businesses needs have changed dramatically over the past 10 years and owners are looking for new ways to add value. However, as businesses adapt, they need to keep up with new technology and global opportunities, locally. With Blue Ninja we give you the support you need to focus on your priorities and your core business, and allowing us to assist with the tedious and more mundane tasks.

- Are you feeling overwhelmed by everything you need to get done each day?

- Is there a meeting or event you would like to arrange, or a trade show that you are
thinking of exhibiting at but don`t know where to start?

- Have you got an amazing business idea and you are thinking of applying for a grant, but need some help developing the application?

- Do you want to go on a family trip but don`t have time to make all the arrangements?

- Are you struggling with your social media presence, either getting yourself established and/or generating leads and new business?

- Are there piles of paperwork or a filing cabinet full that you don`t have a system to manage, and can`t bear to deal with?

We can help with all of these and more. Virtual administrators like Blue Ninja are a smart investment.

`Great administrators are like ninjas - they work in the shadows, assessing and planning. Then quickly, quietly and efficiently they get the job done.` Louisa Stewart, CEO and Founder

What is a Virtual Administrator?

A Virtual Administrator is a professional who provides administrative support in an online setting. VA`s, also known as Virtual Assistants, are becoming more widely known and are an asset as businesses look for cost saving options.

Businesses are always looking for new ways of streamlining work practices and maximising outputs. Virtual Administration is a developing sector that businesses are tapping into to provide more flexibility for their teams. Think of a VA as another type of `hot desk`.

The slogan `time is money` is more pertinent now than ever. A Virtual Administrator is a task-oriented, focused and supportive person who can prioritise your work needs in a way that you get completed work in an efficient and effective manner.

Louisa`s Story

Louisa Stewart, CEO and Founder of Blue Ninja Business Support has been a VA for more than 4 years, and a professional administrator for more than 13 years. Louisa grew up on a farm near Wagga Wagga, Australia and has always been interested in administration, from her first job of folding and mailing invoices to farms and businesses, to completing a degree in Information Management and pursuing a career in Administration.

Louisa is a problem solver. She loves supporting others and goes that extra step to deliver to her clients. Louisa leads a team of Blue Ninjas whose business it is to help you make your business a success.

Blue Ninja`s Values are Loyalty, Integrity, Adaptability and Quality.

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