Industry Awards

The Farm Business Innovation team are delighted to announce our industry awards for 2016. Focusing on key areas in rural businesses these awards will highlight and celebrate successes across the country. Entries can be viewed prior to the event, and will be judged live by a panel of leading experts at the show itself this November.

Innovation Award

Business Services Award

Environment Award

The Innovation Award

A celebration of an idea which has truly pushed the boundaries of design and service. The Innovation Award recognises the product that combines an unprecedented blend of innovation, creativity, and uniqueness to its user.

2017 Nominees

  • Aquaforno Ltd

    Aquaforno Ltd

    Stand No: 350

  • Oddpods


    Stand No: 382

  • Fron Farm Yurts

    Fron Farm Yurts

    Stand No: 1285

  • Greenans Products Ltd

    Greenans Products Ltd

    Stand No: 764

  • Delivita Ltd

    Delivita Ltd

    Stand No: 970

  • Bexcopter


    Stand No: 1029

  • The Business Services Award:

    2017 Nominees

  • Blue Ninja Business Support

    Blue Ninja Business Support

    Stand No: 386

  • Farmers & Mercantile Insurance Brokers

    Farmers & Mercantile Insurance Brokers

    Stand No: 874

  • Geonet Solutions

    Geonet Solutions

    Stand No: 986

  • Native Chartered Architects Limited

    Native Chartered Architects Limited

    Stand No: 482

  • Laurence Gould Partnership

    Laurence Gould Partnership

    Stand No: 326

  • The Environment Award:

    Recognition of the innovative product or cutting edge service which is breaking new ground in serving to protect our environment.

    2017 Nominee

  • Circuitree


    Stand No: 1045

  • One Planets Consultants Ltd

    One Planets Consultants Ltd

    Stand No: 1345

  • Ecotoilets


    Stand No: 240

  • Tiny ECO Homes UK

    Tiny ECO Homes UK

    Stand No: 590

  • groLOCAL


    Stand No: 1376

  • 2016 Winners

    Tree Tent: Winner of the Innovation Award 2016 Woolcool: Winner of the Environment Award 2016 British Bike Hire: Winner of the Enterprise Award 2016